5 ways to start a date

It’s easy to think of dating as this one-sided process where a guy asks a girl out, they go on a date together, and then he tries to turn it into sex. But that isn’t actually how it goes. 

The best dates are ones where both people feel like they’ve had an opportunity to get to know each other. Here are five ways  to start dates with your Adelaide escorts so it has a better chance of avoiding failure: 

Reveal The Real You 

It’s easy to want to impress your date, which can sometimes lead you to try too hard. But if you’re going on a date with someone who doesn’t know you well yet, there’s no reason to hide the real person behind your profile picture. 

Don’t try so hard that it comes across as unnatural, just relax and be aware that you should be accepted for who you really are. 

Avoid Talking About Other People

Don’t talk about other people or things too much, especially if you’re trying to get to know each other better. Talking about other people is fine in moderation, but it can make you look bad when done too often. 

Don’t try too hard to impress someone by bragging about how incredible your job or hobbies are, just let them be impressed by who you really are. Talking only about yourself during a date will make it feel like an interview instead of having fun. Make sure you’re getting to know each other instead of focusing on distractions.

Talk About The Weather

Talking about the current weather is a good way to start a conversation. It’s an easy topic for communication to keep on going. 

For example, if your date says she loves sunny weather, it is an opening line to ask if she loves going to the beach. Or, if there is a downpour, you may converse about the recent flooding in your area and ask if it affected her. 

Talking about this topic keeps the conversation light. It is always a good conversation as it can be done daily, even if you regularly see each other. 

Keep Things Going

You may be nervous about starting a conversation, but that should not hinder your date. If you do, you’ll find yourself sitting in silence with nothing to say and your date looking at their watch, wondering how long this awkwardness will last. 

Keep the topic from dying out too soon. You need to keep things going by being open-minded about what comes next, whether asking another question or sharing something personal about yourself.


Make sure there’s time for both of you to ask questions and have meaningful conversations. Don’t allow the conversation to be about you, and don’t monopolize it. 

It’s okay if they ask more questions than you do, but try not to let them get away with only answering theirs. The point here is that this interaction process called dating has a goal for a comfort level to be reached by both. This can be achieved through sharing an activity, conversation, and being physically close.

In Conclusion

The key to a happy date is to keep the conversation going, making sure that your date feels good about going out with you.